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AREV ways to be

for our guests

Arev is designed as glamorous, luxury escape where our guests can pause their busy lives, enjoy what really matters and celebrate. Fun and antics are not only allowed, but strongly encouraged and applauded. With this said, we have created few golden rules to help everyone feel safe and at home.

Golden rules

  • We spent A LOT of time and effort making Arev the luxury oasis that it is. Enjoy our facilities to the full, but in a way that prevents any unintended or intended damage, or makes others not have an enjoyable stay with us.
  • Our guests are here to enjoy a carefree time, freed from everyday constraints and humdrum. Everyone needs to let their hair down now and again, safe in the knowledge that their privacy is protected and respected. Please refrain from taking photos, videos or any other recordings of other guests, and staff, and respect the personal space and wishes of others. In particular, please do not take any photos or videos in the general area of any celebrity.
  • Our staff have been carefully selected and trained to provide the best of warm, Tropezian hospitality to you. Please respect them and their work when staying with us.
  • Our dinner venues are the epitome of Saint Tropez glamour of the bygone times. When dining or enjoying drinks with us in the evening, let’s dress to dazzle! We ask that you do not wear beach attire, including--but not limited to-- flip-flops (or similar “beach” shoes), shorts, cover-ups, swim trunks and bathing suits. Sports caps, sweatshirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and team shirts/uniforms are best reserved for days out in sports venues, so please leave those behind when getting ready for dinner. Finally, please refrain from clothing or accessories that display divisive, political, or otherwise offensive sayings or images.
  • We are all different and unique – this is what makes the world more fun! Be respectful of cultural and religious traditions and practices, personal appearance and disabilities of all guest and staff of the Hotel.
  • However tempting things might get when in vacation mode, be respectful of local laws and regulations. Avoid any conduct that is unethical, unlawful, indecent, inappropriate or contrary to accepted standards of behavior, law and order and local laws, including, for example, verbal abuse, obscene or abusive gestures, physical violence, reprehensible acts, drug use, alcohol abuse or any other behavior that could be a source of annoyance or nuisance to other guests or to the Hotel staff.
  • Our mission is to provide the best, memorable stay for you and your loved ones. We ask that in return, you respect agreed contractual and payment terms before, during and after a stay for all Guest Services enjoyed.
  • And most importantly … have fun!